Eiffel tower is a monument that makes France famous of its place. Christmas is a festival that is celebrated for the rebirth of Jesus. The people of France wear western dresses. They are so excited to be black. Their hobby is to play hockey and do ice skiing. Their main food that they eat is snails and frogs legs and bread. On of the festivals celebrated the ressurecction day of jesus. Jews and Christians will try to be clean and they do their work on time. In France Christians are also called noel. The people like to visit the Alps mountains and they do cycling also. There is a famous museum named Geode in france. Shaking hands is a good customary in france. A rule is that people should marry after the age of 15, because they don’t have any work to do in france. People like to dress well and fashionably wheather they are wearing formal or casual dress. Each person have some duties or responsibilities. They also support some poor people for financial support.