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Mexican culture

festivals :-

Mexicans celebrate many festivals and one of it is Queenscera this is a festival which is celebrated when a girl has reached the age 15 this signifies that the girl is getting big and matured . Before celebrating this festival the girl has to take classes and learn all the prayers which are called Dotrina and then only she can receive wine and bread in the communion ceremony. They also celebrate Independence day on 16th of September this celebrated because it marks the start of the war against Spain. They also celebrate a festival named Los Dias De Los Muertos which is the day of the dead but in Mexico it is really celebrated as the day of both life and death.

Believes :-

Mexicans believe that it is their responsibility to help their family members and other people because they think in future when they will be in problem they will also get help from someone. Mexicans also believe that the head of the their family is their father mothers are also revered but their role compared to the father is secondary.


Some Mexicans are cowboys which wear normal pant and in shirted shirt they also wear a hat and a rope named Laso which is used to run the horses. Gentlemen of Mexico wear normal pant and shirt.


In Mexico the food which mainly grows is corn. Mexicans favorite food is tortillas which are maid by flattened corn and filled with topped cheese and onions. some also eat a special dish named tacos.beans and chilly are also liked by people.


Mexicans are mainly roman Catholicism, for past thousand years of Christianity there was no Catholicism because there was Protestantism. However today roman Catholicism not the only accepted christian church. Thus to be roman catholic means to be a certain kind christian one with different believes, practices that are different from other Christians.


Mexicans mainly speak Spanish. these are some English words translated to Spanish :-

  1. Hello to all = Hola a todas

  2. my name is = mi nombre es